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"All Aboard!" is a comic based on Zootopia. It is featured in the Zootopia Comics Collection.



The comic focuses on many different characters. It begins by showing a group of animals waiting in Central Station for their train, when a loudspeaker announces that the train to Sahara Square has been delayed due to a maintenance issue. Lana, a young pig, yells angrily that her grandmother is expecting her, and the animals disband to find another train.

A kudu is shown ordering from a juice bar, while an otter waits impatiently behind him. While the hippos are blow-drying, a flying squirrel is hovering above them, while a hippo laments the situation. A squirrel is shown caught in the lemming transport tubes, and a lemming chides him for ignoring the size restrictions. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde try to calm the angry crowd, and a beaver waits excitedly to depart his train, but when he does, he gets caught up in the crowds.


  • The tape the wildebeest listens to says "Donde esta la biblioteca (Where is the library)"? This may be a reference to a scene from the sitcom Community.


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