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Not to be confused with bogberries.

I thought you guys only grew carrots!
―Nick Wilde to Judy Hopps

Blueberries are an indigo-colored berry. They are a crop grown in Bunnyburrow and are also sold by street vendors in Zootopia.

Role in the Film

Nick Wilde, in one of his initial conversations with Judy Hopps, steals a blueberry from a street vendor without them noticing and eats it.

Later on in the film, while Judy and Nick are traveling in Judy's parents' pick-up truck, Nick discovers a basket of blueberries. He takes some and packs them in a handkerchief, showing surprise that crops other than carrots are cultivated in Judy's hometown.

While Judy and Nick are attempting to escape Dawn Bellwether, after it is revealed that she is behind the string of Night howler sickness cases, Nick replaces the serum pellets in Doug's dart gun with blueberries in order to carry out an intricate ploy to gain information from Bellwether in regards to her plan.


  • Nick Wilde is shown to have a love for blueberries, snacking on them in several different parts of the film.



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