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"Brothers & Sisters" is a comic based on Zootopia.

It is featured in the Zootopia Comics Collection.



Judy Hopps opens her apartment door one morning to find a group of her relatives standing there. One rabbit says that Bonnie and Stu Hopps told them that Judy had hurt her arm. Judy tells them about a smoothie cart she and Nick Wilde saved the other day that had caused her arm to be sore, but nothing more. Judy then tries to leave, but Violet stops her, saying that she needs to stay home and care for her arm. Judy protests, but her family blocks her, so Judy distracts them and races away.

Eager to follow Judy, the throng of rabbits board a bus to try to catch up, but too many rabbits board the bus and it lurches out of control and thunders down the street. Judy, alarmed, sees the problem and grabs an umbrella from an elephant. She uses it to float down onto the bus from the fire escape of a building, and then pulls the brake of the bus with the umbrella as well.

The bus skids to a halt in front of the ZPD, and an exhausted Judy gets out, only to be confronted by Chief Bogo. Bogo yells that she is late, and says that he has fired officers for less. But Violet protests that the chief can't fire Judy, and tells him that she saved their lives. Judy's family crowds around her; they admit that while her job is more dangerous than they would like it to be, she does it well.


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