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Outside the city of Zootopia, are miles and miles of rolling green hills and farmland. Bunnies call quaint Bunnyburrow home and live in charming houses built into the countryside. There is currently a population boom that shows no sign of slowing down.
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Bunnyburrow is a rural neighborhood mainly populated by rabbits and hares in Zootopia. The name is a portmanteau of the word "borough" and "burrow", which is what a rabbit sometimes does.

However, despite the name and decor, members of other species also reside in Bunnyburrow. These species include sheep, foxes, ferrets, cougars and jaguars.


It is located about 211 miles away from the city of Zootopia, which director Byron Howard compared to "what Yonkers is to Manhattan - way out in the country."


Bunnyburrow (and the "Tri-Burrows Area" as Stu Hopps mentions) is likely inspired by Pennsylvania, a state known for having boroughs instead of towns. Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, is also a similar distance from New York City as Bunnyburrow is to Zootopia.


Its population is about 81,435,818 and growing at a rate of roughly 5 per second. This is a reference to the stereotype that rabbits are explosive breeders. The overall expansion of Bunnyburrow reflects the rapid expansion of newer suburbs outside cities throughout the United States, known as the suburban sprawl.

Farming and other food production are two major industries in the region, and carrots are likely at the forefront of the farming scene due to the fact that over 81 million rabbits live there. Bunnyburrow has a school, named Woodlands Elementary School, which was attended by Judy Hopps and Gideon Grey, as well as a small train station, the last stop on its line before reaching Zootopia.

It is unknown whether there are countryside regions other than Bunnyburrow in Zootopia, although it can be assumed that there are, since a "Deerbrooke County" is mentioned by Judy in a conversation with Nick Wilde.

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  • Bunnyburrow has its own newspaper, the Bunnyburrow Beacon.[2]
    • According to a newspaper article, Bunnyburrow was founded 130 years ago.
  • Bunnyburrow's appearance is very similar to that of the Shire, from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's movie versions.
  • Due to its ever-expanding population, hence the term "multiplying like rabbits", it is possible that Bunnyburrow is more populated than Zootopia.


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