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Visit Bunnyburrow during the Carrot Days Festival to get a full dose of local flavor. Talent contests, food booths, games and rides make this great fun for the whole family. Of course, you'll also enjoy lots and lots of that deliciously crunchy orange veggie!
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The Carrot Days Festival is a small annual festival celebrated by the inhabitants of Bunnyburrow in Zootopia.


Food booths

Farmers, including Bonnie and Stu Hopps, have set up booths chock-full of fruits, vegetables, and pies.

Talent show

Judy Hopps and her friends have their play about the evolution of animals at the fair.

Various fair games

Tickets are either required to play or are rewards for playing.


It is also mentioned that the fair has rides, though said rides are not described.

Role in the Film

As children, Sharla, Gareth, Jaguar, and Bobby Catmull participate in the Carrot Days Festival play with Judy Hopps. After the play ends, Bonnie and Stu Hopps try to dissuade Judy from becoming a police officer to become a carrot farmer, but to no avail. Gideon Grey and Travis can be seen tormenting the group of children. Gideon and Travis steal the group's tickets until Judy comes by and stands up for them.

Judy eventually manages to retrieve their tickets for them after being slashed in the face by Gideon.


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