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The Carrot pen is a pen/recorder in Zootopia. It belongs to Judy Hopps.


The carrot pen, as its name would suggest, is nearly identical in appearance to a carrot, complete with a green, leafy decoration at its tip which is its clicker. It has a button on its side to record audio, and a speaker which plays back the recording. It can be attached to clothing and clipboards via a built-in clip. Its ink color appears to be black.

Role in the Film

The carrot pen serves an important role throughout the film.

"It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

The first time it is used is when Nick Wilde states that he has made $200 every day, 365 days a year, since he was twelve - a statement which implicates him in felony tax evasion.

Judy uses this as a way to effectively blackmail Nick into helping her multiple times, including when she originally asks Nick for the last known whereabouts of Emmitt Otterton, in order to convince him to help her search for the plate number of Emmitt's limousine at the Department of Mammal Vehicles, and finally as a way to enter the premises of the limousine company owned by and principally operated for Mr. Big.

After the missing mammals have been found, Judy gives Nick the pen, since their agreement had been completed, along with a ZPD application so he can join.

Nick teases Judy with the pen after the two reconcile

After Judy returns to apologize to Nick, he records her apology as his way of showing he accepts it. Finally, with the revelation that Bellwether has been orchestrating the missing mammal incidents and cases of savageness around Zootopia, Judy and Nick record her confession on the pen, resulting in her arrest, impeachment, and incarceration by Chief Bogo and the ZPD, and the end of hostilities between predators and prey in Zootopia.

It is last seen at the end of the film still in Judy's possession while she and Nick approach Flash Slothmore, whom they've pulled over for speeding.

Role in Media

Club Penguin Zootopia Takeover

The carrot pen is seen as an emoticon for players to use, along with a pawpsicle, a siren, and a ZPD badge.


  • It is unknown where she first obtained the pen.


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