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Chief Bogo's office is an office room in the Zootopia Police Department that Chief Bogo occupies in Zootopia.

Role in the Film

Chief Bogo and Judy in Bogo's office

Bogo's office is first seen near the middle of the film after Judy Hopps returns to the ZPD, having successfully captured Duke Weaselton. Chief Bogo is seen storming over to the edge of the balcony above Judy, bellows her name and then threateningly points in the direction of his office.

Moments later, Judy is sitting in Bogo's office receiving a lecture from the police chief. He chides her for endangering the citizens of Little Rodentia and abandoning her post, but then sarcastically compliments her on retrieving a bag of two dozen "moldy onions" from a "master criminal". Brightly, Judy begins to contradict Chief Bogo, but Mrs. Otterton suddenly bursts through the door, with Clawhauser in her wake, and pleads for someone to find her husband. Bogo attempts to gently usher the distressed otter out, but Judy brashly volunteers to look for Mrs. Otterton's husband.

Judy agrees to find Mr. Otterton

Mrs. Otterton thanks Judy, and Bogo politely asks Mrs. Otterton to wait outside. Shutting the door behind her, Bogo glares at Judy, saying that she is fired for insubordination and opens the door for her to leave and tell Mrs. Otterton that she won't be taking the case. Before Judy can protest, and before he can fire her officially, Bogo opens the door and sees Bellwether standing there with Mrs. Otterton. The assistant mayor is thrilled that Judy is taking the case and proceeds to text Mayor Lionheart about it.

Furious but with no choice, Chief Bogo allows Judy two days to find Mr. Otterton, or else she resigns, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Clawhauser intrudes on Bogo

Later, near the climax of the film, Chief Bogo is seen playing the Dancing with Gazelle app. He grins as he watches "himself" dance, but Clawhauser bursts into the office, making him cover his phone. He informs Bogo that Judy has found all of the missing mammals.


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