Not to be confused with Carla, from The Official Zootopia Handbook, or Carla, from Zootopia: Crime Files.

Yes I was! I was looking for a new outfit! I needed a new outfit because I ruined my other outfit on the wet cement outside! There was wet cement outside that ruined my outfit so I needed another outfit!
―Clara, Guilty As Charged

Clara is a female mouse in the game Zootopia: Crime Files. She is suspected of making a large purchase at Vermin's with a stolen credit card. She appears in Case 7, Guilty As Charged.

Physical Appearance

Clara is a mouse with dusty brown fur and large, pink ears. She has a cream-colored muzzle, a pink nose, and turquoise eyes framed by eyelashes. She wears a red dress with a pearl pin and a yellow apron.

Role in the Game


While searching for the suspect who made a large purchase at Vermin's with a stolen credit card, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde learn from lounge singer Dino, that another shopper, a mouse named Clara, was there while he was at Vermin's and suggests they talk to her. They approach Clara and Judy asks her if she was at Vermin's at the scene of the crime. She says yes. She was looking for a new outfit because she ruined her outfit on the wet cement outside. She mentions the cement that ruined her outfit and she needed another outfit again. Nick says there is wet cement outside and suggests they investigate.


Judy and Nick find a credit card in the cement. After cleaning the card, they discover Clara's name on it, who told them about how her outfit was ruined in the cement and she needed a new outfit, and wonder if this is the stolen credit card that was used. They return the card to Clara who claims she lost it in the cement when her outfit got ruined. Judy asks her if this is the fraudulent card used for fraudulent purchases in an entirely fraudulent manner. Clara denies saying she didn't make any fraudulent purchases. She admits she may have lied on a few credit applications but that doesn't make her a criminal. Nick says it is the definition of a criminal

While searching in the cement again, they find a box which contains a notebook filled with notes of hoarding and stains of hair gel. They learn from the lab and Clawhauser that the hoarder loves Vermin's, lives in an apartment owned by Phyllis, and the hair gel is gross. Judy says that's 66% interesting and suggests they check up on Clara, since they haven't spoken to her in a while.


They go to Clara and Nick asks how is she at hoarding. Clara says that those hoard notes aren't hers. She keeps a clean home, likes her outfits, that she replaces if they're ruined. She mentioned about the ruined outfit she replaced because it was ruined yet again.


  • Clara, Donna, and Wanda share the same character model.
  • Clara is quite fastidious and repeats herself often.


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