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Dinner Rush is the sixth episode of Zootopia+.


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As super server Sam urgently tries to finish her restaurant shift at the Rainforest Riviera to make a once-in-a-lifetime Gazelle concert, Flash and Priscilla show up at the last minute with hopes of a once-in-a-lifetime dinner.


Sam, an otter waitress, is fast and efficient at serving, but she needs to leave by 6pm to make it to the Gazelle concert she spent months saving for. She is in good spirits because it's 5:15pm and her tables are winding down leaving her with plenty of time.

At that moment, Flash and Priscilla, the sloths enter. Sam is dismayed but believes she can attend to them and still make the concert. Despite her best efforts, Sam becomes increasingly impatient which throws off her efficient timing with the sloths and her other customers causing her to miss the sloths' order and accidentally mixing up everyone else's.

When Flash insists on opening a bottle of champagne, Sam reaches her breaking point and tries to help which ends up sending the cork flying around the restaurant, injuring several customers and Gerald.

The restaurant is in an uproar with the customers seeking to vent their frustration on Sam. Fortunately, at that moment, Flash proposes to Priscilla and her gleeful acceptance helps defuse the situation and gives Sam a chance to catch her breath, stop fretting about the concert and get her customers settled.

Sam congratulates the couple and tells them to take their time, but Flash and Priscilla reveal that they are both "in a rush" to catch Gazelle's latest concert. Sam excitedly reveals that she too is going and they bring her along. Flash is revealed to be a fast driver and zooms through Zootopia, only to get pulled over by Judy and Nick who are shocked to see Flash was driving so fast. Priscilla reveals that they have tickets to see Gazelle and a tense and panicked Sam decides that she'd rather walk.

Overlap with Zootopia[]

The episode reuses a trimmed version of the ending of the movie with the scene of Flash cutting off Judy and Nick's police cruiser as he runs the red light and continues up to Flash rolling down the window and saying "Nick" but then adds new footage showing Priscilla happily holding their Gazelle tickets and a frantic Sam in the back seat.


Ironically, even though the point of Flash and Priscilla's dinner was the proposal, the engagement ring on Priscilla's left paw disappears pretty quickly. It's quite visible at the end when Sam comes over to congratulate the couple, but the very next scene where Priscilla holds out their Gazelle tickets in her left paw, the ring is gone. It's not visible when she's in the car either and while her left paw is partially covered by her right paw, the ring band should still be visible even if the diamond is covered.

Also, while Flash's rush to the Gazelle concert provides a humorous reason for his speeding, it leaves it open as to whether Flash was the speed racer that Judy and Nick were assigned to catch. If Flash was a one-time speeding ticket, then the speed racer is still out there.


  • The bottle of bubbly Sam gives Flash and Priscilla has the show's title on it.[1]
  • While Flash and Priscilla are featured, this is the only short out of the series where the lead is a new character not from the film.
  • The second time Sam tries to encourage Flash and Priscilla to come to the table, the "camera" performs a dolly zoom to accentuate that even though the table is a few steps away, it seems like miles to Sam who's fighting her deadline.
  • Given that it is Francine's birthday, this episode takes place a year after Judy's first day at the ZPD. This also means that Nick's first day at the ZPD was a year after Judy's.
  • Two of the diners in the background are Gary and Larry, the mercenary wolves that were guarding the main gate at Cliffside Asylum in the original film. Gary, the white wolf, had started the howl that allowed Judy and Nick to sneak inside. Gary's partner, Larry, was originally nameless in the film, but fans began to ship these two wolves and asked Byron Howard to provide a name for the other wolf and he was christened "Larry". Showing the two wolves going out to have dinner together is a nod to the fan community that started shipping the pair.


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