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Research is such an important part of every animated film we make at Disney, and for ‘Zootopia’ our research began at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to meet with some of the best animal experts in the world. Everything that we learned about animal behaviors, personalities and movement our artists incorporated into the world of ‘Zootopia,’ and to now be able to share those discoveries and influences with the guests at the park is truly a full circle moment.
Clark Spencer

Discovering Zootopia at Conservation Station was a temporary exhibit in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World. It was located in Rafiki's Planet Watch.[1]


The exhibit, which opened on January 29, 2016, was a preview for Zootopia, which wouldn't be released for another two months. It displayed pieces of concept art under glass, as well as large cardboard stand-ups of various Zootopia-related things, such as Judy Hopps, Officer Trumpet and Little Rodentia.

Also on a wall were pictures and a video of the Zootopia crew interacting with and studying animals at Animal Kingdom in preparation for the film.[2]



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