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This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Duke Weaselton in Zootopia and other media.



  • "Catch me if you can, cottontail!"
  • "Comin' through!"
  • "Bon voyage-y, flatfoot!"
  • "Have a donut, copper!"
  • "Come to Papa."
  • "Well, hello! Step right up! Anything you need, I got it. All your favorite movies! I got movies that haven't even been released yet!"
  • "Hey, 15% off. 20. Make me an offer! Come on!
  • "What's it to you, Wilde? Shouldn't you be meltin' down a pawpsicle or somethin'?
  • "Hey, if it isn't Flopsy The Copsy!"
  • "It's Weaselton! Duke Weaselton. And I ain't talking, rabbit. And there ain't nothing you can do to make me."
  • "You dirty rat! Why are you helping her? She's a cop!"
  • "I stole them Night howlers so I can sell 'em. They offered me what I couldn't refuse- money.
  • "A ram named Doug. We've got a drop spot underground. Just watch it- Doug is the opposite of friendly, he's unfriendly."