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My husband has been missing for ten days. His name is Emmitt Otterton. He's a florist. We have two beautiful children. He would never just disappear.
Mrs. Otterton

Mr. Emmitt Otterton[2] is a North American river otter[1] and a minor character in Zootopia. He is a florist that resides within the Rainforest District with his wife, Mrs. Otterton, and their two children. Emmitt's disappearance becomes the driving force of the film.

Physical Appearance

Emmitt Otterton is a sleek, fully-grown river otter with slick brown fur and amber eyes. He has a long, thick tail common with otters, a round head and whiskered muzzle, and a rather large nose. Emmitt wears a green cable-knit sweater vest, with dark green corduroy pants, and an orange paisley tie in a Windsor knot, as well as glasses. While under treatment, he wears a green hospital gown. He is notably larger and bulkier than his wife, Mrs. Otterton.


Emmitt's personality is unexplored, but he is said to be a kind and compassionate husband as well as a good father.

Role in the Film

Emmitt realizes he has been shot with Night howler poison

Emmit Otterton is one of 14 missing mammals that have disappeared across Zootopia.

On his way to discuss an important matter with Mr. Big, he is shot by sniper Doug Ramses with a pellet containing night howler serum. It is implied that he knew he had been shot with the serum and what it was, and tried to warn his driver before succumbing to its effects and becoming "savage".

Mrs. Otterton requests Judy's help in finding her husband

The search for the missing otter becomes the driving force of the film, as his wife's devotion and grieving compel rookie officer Judy Hopps to take the case, which Chief Bogo, much to his chagrin (and Assistant Mayor Bellwether's delight), must allow. He gives Officer Hopps 48 hours to find Emmitt Otterton, under the condition that she must resign from the police force if she fails. Looking at Emmitt's case file, Judy sees a photo of him with a pawpsicle, forcing her to consult Nick Wilde, the last mammal who saw him.

Judy and Nick find Emmitt at Cliffside Asylum

According to Yax, he takes yoga lessons at the Mystic Springs Oasis, and was last seen a couple Wednesdays ago, wearing a green cable-knit sweater vest with a brand new pair of corduroy slacks, and a paisley tie worn in a tight Windsor knot. Yax also says that he and his yoga instructor, Nangi, walked him out of the Oasis, where he then got into a white car. Emmitt's driver, Renato Manchas, explains to Judy and Nick that, when he was driving Emmitt to Mr. Big, the otter attacked him, and was yelling about the night howlers before he went savage and ran off.

Emmitt, now cured of his illness, reunites with his wife

Judy and Nick eventually locate him and the other missing mammals, discovering that they have all gone savage and are being held at Cliffside Asylum by Mayor Lionheart. Following a police raid on the asylum, Otterton and the other savage mammals are taken into police custody and transferred to another hospital. However, they all remain in a savage state.

At the end of the film, Bellwether is arrested for the conspiracy, and Emmitt is finally able to be cured and, waking up in the hospital, reunites with his wife, and later dances with her at Gazelle's concert.


  • Mr. Otterton's full name is a reference to the Emmett Otter's Jug-Band Christmas TV special, according to Byron Howard.[3]
  • According to the police report where Judy looked for clues, Mr. Otterton is 2'4" (71 cm) in height.[1]
    • This is fairly short for an otter, as they usually stand around 87–153 cm tall, with North American river otters being around 100–153 cm tall.
  • According to his driver's license visible in a deleted scene, Mr. Otterton's birthday is on June 9, and he was born in 1985.[4]
    • This license appears to be unfinished by its prop designer, as it contains placeholder text, such as an address named 2345 Anyplace Ave., Downtown NY.
  • His Missing Mammal case number is M-2702.
  • His driver's license number is 01-1957-1955.[5]
  • According to The Official Zootopia Handbook, Emmitt first met Mrs. Otterton at a market in Sahara Square.
  • It is strongly implied Mr. Otterton was targeted not only because he is a predator, but also because he might have known the Night howlers were the reason for the predators going savage. Due to his occupation as a florist, he may be knowledgeable about the Night howlers.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Otterton are the only otters ever seen in the film, with the exception of a photo including their children.
  • In the Dutch version, his name is written as 'Emmit' (one T, instead of two T's).
  • He is one of the only significant characters without a speaking part.


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