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Finnick's van, also known as the Lobos Z1, is a van used by Finnick and Nick Wilde in Zootopia.

Role in the Film

Finnick collecting jars of juice

Finnick's van is first seen near the middle of the film. After buying a Jumbo-pop for Nick and his "son" at Jumbeaux's Café, Judy Hopps visits Sahara Square to continue with her meter maid duties. In the windshield of a car, she spots Finnick loading jars of red juice into the van. She sees Nick on the roof of a building melting the Jumbo-pop she had just purchased for them into the jars. She becomes surprised when she sees the "son" driving the van and not the "parent".

Confused, Judy trails the van to Tundratown, where she watches Nick and Finnick freezing the juice into little paw-shaped ice pops. Judy continues to follow the pair around Zootopia, learning about their scam. After finishing their scam and collecting his share of money, Finnick gets in his van and says a violent farewell to Nick, before driving away.

Judy seeking Finnick's help

Later, near the climax of the film, Judy seeks out the van to ask Finnick to help her find Nick. She locates it in an alley in Sahara Square and asks Finnick for help, a request he obliges.


  • The van is a brand name vehicle called "Lobos Z1". "Lobos" is the Spanish word for "wolves".
  • The artwork on Finnick's van is concept art by Cory Loftis.[1]
  • The van's license plate says HB051986, which is a reference to actor Herschel Bernardi, who died on May 19, 1986.
  • The top of the van's antenna is modeled after the head of Baymax from Big Hero 6.
  • The side of the van has a model of Maui's fishhook from Moana.[2]
  • The van resembles a 1976 Dodge B series, but with porthole windows
  • In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, Finnick drives into the battle area by means of his van. As soon as he dismounts, the van autonomously reverses off the screen.
    • Additionally, Finnick's special ability involves driving his van into opponents via remote control.


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