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What...can I...do...for you...today?
―Flash Slothmore

Flash Slothmore[2] is a male three-toed sloth and a supporting character in Zootopia. He works at the Department of Mammal Vehicles.

Official Bio

"[Flash is] the fastest sloth working at the DMV—the Department of Mammal Vehicles."


Not much is currently known about Flash's background, but it is shown he befriended Nick Wilde and was hired by the DMV sometime prior to the events of the film.


Despite his slowness, Flash is a friendly sloth. He is polite to Judy Hopps and speaks quite professionally, which makes him sound more intelligent than he looks. Flash seems to be well acquainted with Nick Wilde and speaks to him in his casual, friendly way.

He willingly helps Judy, but can be easily distracted, as seen when Nick interrupts Flash's work to tell him a joke; Flash enjoys jokes, finding them hilarious. He even goes so far as to retell them to his co-worker, Priscilla Tripletoe.

Role in the Film

Flash "helps" Judy and Nick

When Nick brings Judy to the DMV, Nick wastes her time and annoys her by telling Flash a joke, who then later tells it to his co-worker, Priscilla, after taking a while to react.

At the end of the film, Judy and Nick are given the task of apprehending a street racer. Pulling over his speeding vehicle, the two discover the racer to be Flash.

He is last seen dancing slowly with Priscilla at Gazelle's concert during the film's credit sequence.

Role in Literature

Quick As A Flash!

The comic begins with Flash watching a hyena telling Priscilla a joke. As the hyena reaches the door and waves to Priscilla, Kameela chastises Flash for being so slow and urges him to ask Priscilla out on a date. Flash approaches Priscilla and starts to ask her to a movie, but he is not quick enough as the hyena returns and asks Priscilla to a movie, to which she agrees. Priscilla asks Flash what he was going to say, but he is too dumbstruck to reply, and Kameela sighs that Flash is too slow to catch even another sloth.

Role in Zootopia: Crime Files

Flash in Zootopia: Crime Files

Flash appears in Necklace Nabbers, the fifth case of the game. He assists Judy and Nick in helping them finding clues at the DMV such as a portfolio, shredded paper which is a sale of goods record, and a velvet bag from Tiger's Eye Jewelry Store to find the suspect.


  • Flash uses a touch-screen computer because a sloth would never be fast enough to be able to double-click with a mouse.
  • Flash tends to have dialog that appears in trailer spots that never occur in the movie.  In the official trailer he says he's on break. In a DVD commercial, he says he feels the need for lunch. Neither line is present in the actual film.
  • In a Korean trailer, Flash drives a race car because he cannot get off the subway. This may be how he earned his nickname.
  • Flash owns a white coffee mug that says "You Want It When?".[3]
  • Flash's license plate reads "FST NML", which reads "fast animal".
  • According to The Essential Guide, one of Flash's hobbies is watching trees grow.
  • According to an interview with the directors of Disney's Moana, one of the monsters that approaches Moana in the realm of Lalotai is based on Flash.[4]


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