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The Fox repellent is a spray given to Judy Hopps by Bonnie and Stu Hopps in Zootopia.

On the morning of her first day as a police officer, before heading to roll call at the ZPD, Judy brings her bottle of fox repellent for safekeeping. Later in the film, it becomes the center of conflict between Judy and Nick Wilde.


The Fox repellent bottle Judy carries is pink and cylindrical with a spray cap. The way in which Judy attempts to employ it suggests that it works similar to pepper spray.

The brand shown in the film is called "Fox Away". It is also sold in the forms of a deterrent air horn and a taser.

Role in the Film

The Fox repellents are put into a "care package" assembled by Bonnie and Stu, though Bonnie dismisses the taser as too much. Judy decides to take the repellent bottle in order to appease her parents.

As Judy is getting dressed for her first day, she looks back at the repellent as she leaves out the door, thinking she won't need it, only to come back seconds later to take it with her just in case.

Notably, Judy unbuckles her bottle of fox repellent from the holster on her belt twice: in Jumbeaux's Café, where she approaches Nick and Finnick and when Nick startles her after she delivers a press conference. It is this second time that - to Nick at least - proves her prejudice against foxes.

Prejudicial Imagery

The bottle, as well as other Fox Away products, shows an image of a crossed-out fox wearing a mask and a black-and-white striped outfit, depicted as a criminal. This serves as yet another indication of how foxes are considered sly, vile, and untrustworthy in Zootopia.


  • In the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, the repellant is called "Fox Mace."


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