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Good evening, Zootopia! Come on, everybody! Put your paws up!

Gazelle's concert is an event held by Gazelle in Zootopia. It takes place in Savanna Central.


The concert is held in celebration of the finding and reviving of the missing mammals, as well as the reunion of the city and the end of the night howler crisis.

Role in the Film

The concert is held at the end of the film during the credits. A giant stage has been set up in Savanna Central and nearly all of Zootopia seems to be present.

Gazelle, after welcoming everyone, sings "Try Everything" while her tiger dancers dance around her. As Gazelle sings, the camera flashes to different screens around the stage, showing the credits, and the citizens dancing to the music. Bellwether is seen in jail watching the concert on TV, brooding, while the inmates clap to the beat, much to her annoyance.


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