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The Hopps Family Farm truck is a pickup truck presumably owned and used by the Hopps family on their farm in Zootopia.


The truck is mostly a rusted turquoise color with floodlights on the roof. The truck's grille resembles a rabbit's buckteeth and has small headlights. Its seats appear to be weathered and slightly torn.

Role in the Film

The truck made an appearance near the climax of the film. When Judy Hopps learns the truth about Night howlers, she drives the family truck back to Zootopia.

She drives the truck through Sahara Square looking for Nick Wilde until she sees Finnick's van, stopping to ask him for help finding Nick.

After she and Nick reconcile, the duo drives off to follow the Night howlers trail, first seeking Duke Weaselton, who had been caught stealing them. While driving, Nick discovers a basket of blueberries. He eats some, then takes some and packs them in a handkerchief, showing surprise that crops other than carrots are cultivated in Judy's hometown.


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