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It's Only Natural is the tenth case in Zootopia: Crime Files. This case involves the vandalism of The Mystic Spring Oasis.




  • It is revealed that Nick had a crush on a girl named "Marian" when he was a child. It is possible that her name is a reference to Disney's Robin Hood, in which one of the major characters is a vixen named Maid Marian.
  • All the suspects in this case wear a beaded necklace. It is explained that these necklaces carry things like IDs, since the animals would not be wearing clothes (and thus lack pockets) while at the Oasis.
  • The mud pit is referred to as both the mud "area" and the mud "pit".


  • Judy and Nick find a skunky towel at the mud pit, despite it not being one of the objectives while playing the scene.


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