The Jeweled acorn is a stolen object in Zootopia: Crime Files. It is the subject of A Jewel of a Nut, which was Case 1 in the original version of the game.


The Jeweled acorn is a large, multi-colored acorn-shaped object similar to a Fabergé egg. It has a turquoise and gold base with leaf patterns and a green cap with a gold trim set with red jewels. During the game, it is coated in saliva.

Role in the Game

Officer Clawhauser tells Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde that he has a case for them. A jeweled acorn is at the Savanna Central Station. Judy says that it is the Jeweled acorn, the most valuable oak nut in the world from the Natural History Museum. Merle and Rodney are suspected of stealing the Jeweled acorn. Judy and Nick go to the station and find the acorn covered in saliva. Hurriet the sloth analyzes the acorn in the lab and Clawhauser reveals that the saliva has traces of Sunflower Soda on it. When Judy and Nick deduce that the suspect who stole the missing acorn has cheek pouches and loves Sunflower Soda, they decide to locate and question Rodney, as Nick mentions he saw a "twitchy-looking" squirrel with puffed-out cheeks.

Rodney informs them that he is a tree squirrel, and only ground squirrels have cheek pouches. He goes on to say how his puffed-out cheeks are a result of a visit to the dentist, as too much Sunflower Soda has been rotting his teeth.

They search for more clues at the station and find a trampled newspaper with prints on them. After deducing that the missing acorn was in the cheeks of a soda-loving culprit with tiny feet of 1.25 inch paws, Judy realizes that Merle, a hamster she knows, fits all these criteria. When Merle is arrested, he admits he took the acorn because he thought it would be tasty, only to discover that it was "hard and not tasty".


  • In the updated version of the case, titled "The Wolf of Paw Street," the Jeweled acorn is substituted for a rare statue.


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