Judy's Apartment


This article is about the comic. You may be looking for Grand Pangolin Arms.

"Judy's Apartment" is a Portuguese comic based on Zootopia. It is featured in the Zootopia Comics Collection.



In the middle of the night, after the day that Judy Hopps arrives in Zootopia, she is awakened by blaring music. Putting on her police uniform, she heads to the roof of the apartment to stop the disturbance.

On the roof, Judy realizes that the noise is coming from a costume party. Two of the party-goers notice Judy, and thinking her police uniform is a costume, compliment it, and invite her to stay and have some cake.

Judy hesitates at first, but then shrugs and happily asks for carrot cake.


  • In the English version of the comic, just when Lloyd is about to give his opinion on Judy, she says "Don't say it...", assuming that he is about to call her cute. However, in the Portuguese version, the "cute" joke is left out.
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