Judy's meter maid cart is a small police vehicle assigned to Judy Hopps in Zootopia. Judy uses it to issue parking tickets to vehicles around the city.


The cart is a round-shaped three-wheeled vehicle with a wide windshield in front, flashing blue, red, and orange lights on top, "ZPD" in blue letters, and a flat bed in the back with a sign reading "FREQUENT STOPS". The cart is always seen carrying three different-sized traffic cones with white zebra stripes on them.

Role in the Film

Judy sigh

"I am a real cop. I am a real cop..."

Judy's meter maid cart is first seen near the middle of the film. Judy gets into it, eager to start the day, only to discover it is extremely slow. She uses it to drive around Zootopia, issuing parking tickets as she goes (including giving her own vehicle a ticket.)

Later, in Sahara Square, she sees Nick Wilde and Finnick melting a Jumbo-pop and follows them in her car to Tundratown, where she sees them making pawpsicles.

On Judy's second day as a meter maid, after receiving rude comments from several animals, she gets into the cart. Knocking her head on the dashboard, she tries to assure herself that she is indeed a real cop, until a shop owner urges her to chase after a criminal who had just robbed his shop.

Officer Toot Toot

Judy asks Nick for help with her case

After taking on the Emmitt Otterton case, Judy pays Nick a visit via her car. She blackmails Nick into helping her and they drive to The Mystic Spring Oasis to find clues.

They later use the cart to get to the DMV, Tundratown Limo Service, and Manchas' tree house in the Rainforest District, which is the location where it last appears in the film.

Nick briefly describes it as a "three-wheeled joke-mobile" given to her by the ZPD when he scolds Chief Bogo, standing up for Judy.

At the end of the film, Judy's cart is replaced with a larger police car that she drives with Nick.

Role in Literature

Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo-Pop

Judy uses her cart several times in the book. It is first seen when Judy departs from the ZPD with it and heads off to do traffic duty. Then, after Ernie requests her help, Judy and the elephant drive to Central Station in the cart. Finally, at the end of the book, Judy uses her cart to get back to her apartment.

Welcome to Zootopia

Judy and Nick are seen briefly using the cart during a traffic jam, but they quickly transfer to a scooter on account of its greater speed.


  • The cart's maximum speed is two miles per hour.[1]
  • The cart bears a resemblance to the Westward GO-4 Interceptor used by the NYPD as a parking enforcement vehicle.


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