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Judy and Nick's police car is a police vehicle used by Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in Zootopia.


The police car is a large, somewhat blocky vehicle painted black, with a white zigzag on the side and a white top. Additionally, the vehicle seems to be armored. It has a set of emergency lights affixed to the roof, activated via a button on the inside of the car. The designation "Z-240" can be seen on the side toward the front.

Role in the Film

At the end of the film, Judy drives the new car, with Nick sitting in the passenger seat, both assigned by Chief Bogo to catch a speed racer in Savanna Central. Nick asks if all rabbits are bad drivers or if it's just Judy, which compels her to slam on the brakes, making Nick fall forward, getting his pawpsicle stuck to his face. He then playfully calls Judy a "sly bunny", to which Judy calls Nick a "dumb fox" in return.

After stopping at a red light, Nick slyly says that Judy knows she loves him. Judy looks at Nick and grins, admitting that she does. The light turns green and they are about to drive forward, when the speeder cuts them off. They pursue the speeder, who is revealed to be Flash Slothmore, much to Judy's surprise and Nick's amusement.



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