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You want the red or the blue, pal?
―Nick Wilde asking Finnick, playing the part of his son, which flavor he wants

The Jumbo-pop is a large frozen ice pop sold in Jumbeaux's Café. It is made for elephants and similarly large mammals in Zootopia.

Jumbo-pops are used in the film by Nick Wilde and Finnick to melt into their own product: Pawpsicles.


Jumbo-pops are large, frozen treats manufactured primarily for elephants. They are shown to come in three flavors: cherry, blue raspberry, and lemon.[1] A Jumbo-pop costs fifteen dollars.

Role in the Film

Nick melting the Jumbo-pop

At the café, Judy Hopps is tricked into buying a Jumbo-pop for Nick Wilde and Finnick.
Later, during her travels as a meter maid, Judy witnesses Nick melting the pop down a gutter into jars in Sahara Square, with Finnick handling the jars.

Following them to Tundratown, Judy sees them pouring the juices from the jars into snow molds made from Finnick's pawprints.

Nick selling the pawpsicles

Then, at a bank, Nick sells the finished product to a group of lemmings as "pawpsicles" for $2 each.

After the lemmings discard their pawpsicle sticks, Nick sells said sticks to a mouse construction crew in Little Rodentia as “red wood” to increase his profit, which he later splits between himself and Finnick.

Role in Literature

The book Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo-Pop centers around Judy helping Ernie find his Jumbo-pop.



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