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Koslov is a male polar bear and a minor character in Zootopia. He is a member of the Tundratown mafia and appears to be Mr. Big's most trusted henchman.

Physical Appearance

Koslov is a large and rather intimidating polar bear, identified as the largest polar bear around Mr. Big.[1] He has thick, black eyebrows and a black nose at the tip of his gray snout and muzzle. He has round ears and a fat neck.

He wears a black business suit over a black turtleneck, as well as two golden necklaces. He looks almost the same as Raymond and Kevin, with the exception that Koslov is much taller and larger.


In previous drafts of the film, Koslov was the boss of the Tundratown underworld[2] and owner of Koslov's Palace.

In these drafts, Nick Wilde, after numerous rejected attempts to get a bank loan to fund his Wild Times project, resorts to him for the money, to which he agrees to do so.

There is also a scene in which Koslov sadly presents his son, Morris, with a tame collar. This scene was scrapped along with the entire tame collar idea.

Role in the Film

Koslov presenting Mr. Big

Carrying him in his hands, Koslov escorts Mr. Big into the latter's office and sets him on his desk so the shrew can talk to Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

He is later seen at Gazelle's concert at the end of the film. Mr. Big and Fru Fru dance in his hands while he bobs his head to the music with an expressionless face.


  • Koslov has a son named Morris, who was cut from the movie.
  • In earlier versions of the film, he was named "Boris". The name was later changed.
  • He was misidentified as Kevin in early versions of the Mr. Big & Koslov Figure Set.
  • Koslov appears to be Catholic. He is seen making the sign of the cross left to right in the Catholic manner.[3]
  • In some promotional material, Koslov's suit is blue.
  • Koslov's name is never spoken in the film.[4]
  • In the early version of the film, Koslov spoke with a Russian accent. In the final version, however, he was silent.
  • In some promotional images, Koslov's name is spelled as "Coslov".[5]
  • He is most likely supposed to look like a stereotypical member of the Russian mafia (judging by his Russian name, wearing a giant gold necklace and belonging to a species Russia is famous for).


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