This is a list of the notable brands in the Zootopia universe. There are a number of brands and corporations mentioned and seen in Zootopia, with inclusion to this list being based on visibility in the film and associated content.


Name of BrandLocation(s)Parody of (if applicable)
Bearberry unknown Burberry
Beast Headphones unknown Beats By Dr Dre
Best Bison unknown Best Buy
Blubber Chef Tundratown Burger Chef
Bug-Burga unknown None
Burger Pride unknown Burger King
Calvin Swine unknown Calvin Klein
Carrot iPhone (logo only) unknown Apple iPhone
CATSIO Bunnyburrow Casio
Cattlelac unknown Cadillac
Chez Cheez Little Rodentia None
Chill Out Tundratown None
Cinnabone unknown Cinnabon
Clark Halibuts Tundratown None
Coco Camel unknown Chanel
Cowca Cowla unknown Coca Cola
Cubway unknown Subway
D.G. Bedding Co. Little Rodentia None
Dairy Green (abbreviated DG) unknown Dairy Queen
DNKY unknown DKNY
Dr. Bristle's Sparkling Cub Soda unknown Dr. Pepper
Dolly Bunnyburrow Dolby
EBray Savanna Central EBay
ElkTrip (abbreviated ET) unknown QuikTrip
Ewehaul unknown U-Haul
Fishtown Market Tundratown Fishtown Market, Fishtown
Fox-Away unknown Generic repellent products
Flora & Fauna unknown Flora and fauna (though the shop only sells flora) Flora and Fauna (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)
Fresh Doe Bakery unknown Generic baked goods
Frozen Yakgurt Savanna Central Generic frozen yogurt
Furs National Bank Savanna Central First National Bank
Gerbilax unknown None
Goat-To Guys unknown Go-To Guys
Gordmoose unknown Gordmans
Hans's Pastry Shop (sic) Little Rodentia Hans (Disney's Frozen)
Hayseed Penney Savanna Central JC Penney
Herd Savanna Central Ford
Högen-Dazs unknown Häagen-Dazs
Hoof Locker Savanna Central Foot Locker
The Horse Depot Savanna Central The Home Depot
Hungry Maw unknown Hungry-Man
I.B. Swimming's Ottermotive Savanna Central Possible nod to JC Whitney Auto Parts
iPaw unknown iPad
ITREEA Savanna Central IKEA
Jumbeaux's Café Savanna Central None
Junk in the Trunk unknown None
Kodiak unknown Kodak
Kum & Goat unknown Kum & Go
Lemming Brothers Savanna Central Lehman Brothers
Lobos unknown None
Lucky Cat Café Little Rodentia Lucky Cat Café (Big Hero 6)
Lucky Chomps unknown Lucky Charms
Lululemmings unknown Lululemon
McDonkey's unknown McDonald's
Molex Savanna Central Rolex
Mousy's Little Rodentia Macy's
Mouseter Charge unknown Master Charge
MuzzleTime unknown FaceTime
Niceberg unknown Generic coolers
OfficeFox unknown OfficeMax
Pasture Prime Savanna CentralSahara Square Presumably the phrase "past your prime"
PB&J unknown AT&T
Papa Fawn's Pizza unknown Papa John's Pizza
Porcupepsi unknown Pepsi
Porkressive Savanna Central Progressive
Preyda unknown Prada
PreyStation unknown PlayStation
PUPS unknown UPS
Rabbit Transit unknown Rapid Transit
Ram's Club unknown Sam's Club
Raman Brahman Savanna Central Generic curry shops
Safewhey unknown Safeway
Savage Beastro Savanna Central Savage Bistro
Skidoos 4 U (sic) Tundratown Generic car rental services
Snarlbucks unknown Starbucks
Stockefeller Center unknown Rockefeller Center
Snorts Illustrated unknown Sports Illustrated
Targoat Little Rodentia Target
The Big Donut Little Rodentia Big Donut (Steven Universe), Randy's Donuts
The Cloven Hoof unknown None
The Wall Street Gerbil unknown The Wall Street Journal
Thigmo-Taxis Little Rodentia Thigmotaxis
Tommy Swillfigure unknown Tommy Hilfiger
Trader Doe's Savanna Central Trader Joe's
Urban Snoutfitters unknown Urban Outfitters
Vanity Fur (also known as Vanity Purr and Vanity Bear) unknown Vanity Fair
Wallaby-Mart unknown Wal-Mart
Wallabygreens unknown Walgreens
Wok Softly unknown Roots in the phrase speak softly and carry a big stick.
Yak in the Box unknown Jack in the Box
ZNN unknown CNN
Zoogle (specifically Zoogle Photos) unknown Google
Zootopia Times unknown The Times (And other similarly-named newspapers)
ZooTube unknown YouTube
Zooyota unknown Toyota
Zuber unknown Uber



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