The Missing mammals are fifteen Zootopian residents who have gone missing in Zootopia.

Role in the Film


Chief Bogo gives Judy 48 hours to find Otterton

The missing mammals are first mentioned by Chief Bogo as "priority number one" as he assigns members of the Zootopia Police Department to search for them.

When Assistant Mayor Bellwether texts Mayor Lionheart that Judy Hopps will be taking the case of Emmitt Otterton, one of the missing mammals, Bogo begrudgingly gives Judy 48 hours to find him or she would resign.

Judy and Nick Wilde eventually solve the case and locate all of the missing mammals, which are being held captive by Mayor Lionheart at the Cliffside Asylum. They also discover that they have all gone savage.

Later in the film, Judy discovers that night howlers are responsible for making the missing mammals savage and Bellwether is behind the conspiracy.


Emmitt wakes up after his treatment

At the end of the film, it is reported by the ZNN that an antidote for the night howler serum the missing mammals have been exposed to has been created, thus curing them all.

Role in Media

Club Penguin Zootopia Takeover

The missing mammals can be seen in a corner of the ZPD building during the party.

Known Members


  • Barry DiCaprio's name is a reference to The Revenant, a 2015 film starred by Leonardo DiCaprio, in which his character is attacked by a bear.
    • The character model used for Barry DiCaprio is also seen attending the Carrot Days Festival talent show, fifteen years before he went missing.[2]
  • Stephanie Stalkinew's last name is likely a play on the phrase "stalking you".
    • The character models used for her and Barry DiCaprio are present at Gazelle's peace rally, despite the two being in a savage state at the time.[3]


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