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This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Mr. Big in Zootopia and other media.



  • "You come here unannounced on the day my daughter is to be married."
  • "I trusted you, Nicky. I welcomed you into my home. We broke bread together. Gram-mama made you a cannoli. And how did you repay my generosity? With a rug. Made from the butt of a skunk. A skunk butt rug. You disrespected me. You disrespected my Gram-mama, whom I buried in that skunk butt rug."
  • "What are you, a performer? What's with the costume?"
  • "Then I have only one request. Say hello to Gram-mama! Ice 'em!
  • ["Whoa, whoa, whoa! I-I-I-I-I-I-I didn't see nothing! I'm not saying nothing!" - Nick Wilde] "And you never will."
  • ["What did we say? No icing anyone at my wedding!" - Fru Fru] "I have to, baby. Daddy has to."
  • "You have done me a great service. I will help you find the otter. I will take your kindness... and pay it forward."
  • "My child. We may be evolved, but deep down, we are still animals."
  • "You want to find Otterton, talk to the driver of the car. His name is Manchas. Lives in the Rainforest District. Only he can tell you more."
  • '["You dirty rat! Why are you helping her? She's a cop!"- Duke Weaselton] '"And the godmother to my future granddaughter."
  • "Ice this weasel."


The Official Zootopia Handbook
  • "Gram-mama taught me respect, determination, and above all else, the importance of family. She was the whole cannoli."
  • (about Fru Fru) "She's the light of my life. When she's happy, I'm happy. When she's unhappy... I do what I have to do."