This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Officer Clawhauser in Zootopia and other media.



  • "O. M. Goodness... They really did hire a bunny. What?! I gotta tell ya, you are even cuter than I though you'd be!"
  • "I am so sorry! Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everybody thinks is just a flabby, donut-loving cop stereotyping you. Ohh...”
  • "Oh, there you went, you little dickens!"
  • "Awww...That poor little bunny's gonna get eaten alive."
  • "Okay. You're gonna have to be patient and wait in line just like everyone else Mrs. Otterton, okay?"
  • "I'm sorry, sir... I tried to stop her, she's super slippery... I gotta go sit down..."
  • "Yikes! That is the smallest case file I've ever seen! Leads: none, witnesses: none and you're not in the computer system yet, so resources: none. [laughs] Oh, I hope you didn't stake your career on cracking this one."
  • ["Pawpsicle..." - Judy Hopps] "The murder weapon!"
  • "Are you familiar with Gazelle? Greatest singer of our lifetime? Angel with horns?"
  • "It's me! Did you think it was real? It looks so real! It's not; it's just a new app."
  • "You have the app too? Ohhhhh, Chief...!"
  • "Officer Hopps just called. She found all of them!"
  • "They thought it would be better if a predator - such as myself - wasn't the first face that you see when you walk into the ZPD. They're gonna move me to records. It's downstairs. It's by the boiler."


Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo-Pop
  • "Saved you a carrot doughnut. Unless you don't want it. Can I have it?"


  • "It’s a beautiful day in Zootopia! This is Officer Benjamin Clawhauser. B to the Claw, as they say. [giggles] Oh, no one says that. Anyway, thanks for calling the ZPD Missing Mammals Department. If you have a tip regarding the whereabouts of a missing mammal, go ahead, and growl it - or howl it! - after the giggle. Spoiler alert: I am the giggle! [giggles] Alrighty, for more Zootopia-related news, visit us at B to the Claw is outta here! By that I meant me, Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, I’m gonna hang up. Or you can. Or, ugh, I just made it awkward. Giggle giggle! [giggles]" (―1-844-MML-MSNG)
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