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Pawpsicles! Get your pawpsicles!
―Nick Wilde

Pawpsicles are cherry-flavored ice pops made by Nick Wilde and Finnick in Zootopia. Their name is a portmanteau of the words "paw" and "popsicle".


Pawpsicles are small, frozen treats shaped roughly like paws, hence the name. They are about the size of a fox's paw, and are planted on popsicle sticks and frozen before being ready to sell. One Jumbo-pop makes over 90 pawpsicles, as seen in the film.[1] Nick and Finnick sell pawpsicles for two dollars.

Role in the Film

After seeing Finnick for a second time in Sahara Square, Judy Hopps witnesses him and Nick melting the Jumbo-pop she helped them get earlier and collecting its juices, prompting her to follow them around Zootopia to see what they are up to.

Nick and Finnick freezing their pawpsicles

In Tundratown, Nick and Finnick pour the juices into molds made by Finnick's feet stepping in the snow and place a popsicle stick in each one.

Having their pawpsicles frozen and finished, they go to the Lemming Brothers Bank and sell them to a group of lemming businessmen.

Nick selling his pawpsicles

After the lemmings eat their pawpsicles and discard their pawpsicle sticks, Nick and Finnick sell the sticks as lumber to a mouse construction crew in Little Rodentia.

Realizing she has been tricked, she later confronts Nick after he splits his profits with Finnick, who leaves in his van. Nick finishes a pawpsicle and tricks Judy into looking away, so he can escape.

Later, while looking at Emmitt Otterton's case file, Judy sees a picture of him with a pawpsicle, forcing her to question Nick about the otter's disappearance.

At the end of the film, Nick is seen eating a pawpsicle, implying that they are still regularly being made, and he gets it stuck to his face when Judy slams the brakes in their car.

Role in Literature

Welcome to Zootopia

At the end of the comic, Judy and a badly scratched Nick return the squirrel baby to her mother, along with a pawpsicle. The squirrel baby is seen happily gazing at it as Judy and Nick take their leave.

Role in Media

Zootopia: Crime Files

If out of energy, the player can buy a pawpsicle and receive 25 energy.

Club Penguin Zootopia Takeover

In the Snow Forts/Savanna Central, a cart of pawpsicles could be seen as a decoration. Later in the party, players could obtain a pin shaped like a pawpsicle.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Nick Wilde wields pawpsicles as a thrown weapon in a manner resembling throwing knives. Nick initiates his special ability by tossing a pawpsicle behind him, triggering a stampede of Lemmings called "Lemming Rush" that deals fantastic damage.


  • Pawpsicles are sold at $2 a piece.
  • A Jumbo-pop can make approximately 90 pawpsicles.


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