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Are we invisible or something?! Doesn't anyone care about the plight of the porcupines? If they won't pay us any attention...then we'll have to take it!
―The Porcupine Protester

The Porcupine protester is a female porcupine and a character in Skunk Appreciation Parade.

Role in the Comic

While the Skunk Appreciation Parade is going on, the Porcupine protester and her fellow protesters watch with signs that say "Porcupines are mammals too!", hoping to attract some attention. When their plan fails, the Porcupine Protester wonders sarcastically if she and her friends are invisible.

She then decides that if she and her fellow protesters won't be paid attention to, then they will have to take said attention. She pulls a quill from her back and throws it into the giant skunk parade balloon, causing it to start deflating. The balloon starts to whizz down the street, pulling Gazelle on her parade float with it. As Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde give chase, the Porcupine protester realizes that she's made a mistake.

After Judy and Nick stop the float, the skunks crowd around the Porcupine protester, yelling angrily at her. Judy and Nick step in to calm things down, and the Porcupine Protester admits that she hadn't meant to pop the balloon, she was just frustrated. She says that she sent in an application for porcupines to get a parade like the skunks, but it went unanswered.

Just then, Officer Clawhauser arrives and looks relieved to see the Porcupine protester. He says that after Nick called in a disturbance, he remembered the porcupine parade application, and found it stuck to some other papers with donut glaze; he adds that the application has been approved. The Porcupine protester is thrilled and asks if she is off the hook, but Judy says no, saying that what she did was very dangerous. Just then, an elderly skunk appears and states that he knows what it's like to be left out, and offers porcupines - and everyone else - to join the parade. The comic ends with the parade continuing, dubbed this time "Mammal Appreciation Parade", with the skunks and porcupines joining with Gazelle.


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