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The Rainforest District gondolas, also known as the sky-trams, are a series of cablecars in Zootopia. They travel throughout the skies of the Rainforest District.


The gondolas are small, square-shaped, open cars that travel throughout the Rainforest District via a cable. They appear to be able to seat up to four small mammals and are painted a vivid shade of green that blends in with the foliage.

Role in the Film

Nick relates the story of his childhood to Judy

During their escape from the savage Renato Manchas, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde reach a gondola platform. In the rush to board a gondola, Judy is almost thrown off the side. Nick is forced to let the gondola leave as Manchas is about to pounce, Judy cuffs the jaguar's hind leg to a post before Nick comes to any harm. Manchas snaps at Nick as he tries to back away, sending him and Judy over the edge of the platform. On the way down, Judy grabs hold of a vine and swings him and herself to safety.

Judy and Nick travel to Savanna Central

When the ZPD arrives, Judy leads them to the gondola platform where they left Manchas, but he is not there. After Chief Bogo demands that Judy turn in her police badge, Nick stands up for her, reminding him that they still have ten hours left to solve their missing otter case. Judy and Nick then depart in a gondola that leads them through the canopy of the Rainforest District and back to Savanna Central where Judy thanks Nick for sticking up for her and he reveals to her his childhood trauma to which Judy comforts him. Then Nick spots the traffic cameras below, realizing that they must have caught everything including Manchas' disappearance. Nick realizes that Chief Bogo won't let Judy into the computer system, but Judy says she has a friend at City Hall who might.


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