Rodney's Pawn Shop was a shop owned by Rodney in Zootopia: Crime Files. It is featured in Seeds of Doubt, the second case of the game.

Role in the Game

Melting Messes/Seeds of Doubt

Talk to Raoul

Earl discussing Rodney and Raoul

While investigating the vandalism of Flora & Fauna, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde decide to check the pawn shop, which is next door, to see if it has also been vandalized. When the two question Earl, the elephant says he heard Rodney, the owner of the pawn shop arguing with Raoul, the owner of Flora & Fauna. Shortly after, Officer Clawhauser alerts Judy and Nick that the pawn shop has just been vandalized.

Rodney denies vandalizing Flora & Fauna, saying how his own shop has also been vandalized.
Later, Clawhauser suggests that Judy and Nick take a closer look at the pawn shop.

Raoul Talking

Raoul angry at Rodney

Raoul mentions that Rodney sold his pawn shop to a development called Sequoia Towers. Judy and Nick discover that the development is supposed to be built on a large area that includes Flora & Fauna and that the developers have been approaching local shops, looking to buy their land. Suspicious of the fact that Rodney sold his shop to them, they decide to question him again.

Rodney denies any knowledge of Sequoia Towers, though Nick suggests doing another search of the shop. During the search, they find a suitcase full of cash and a note in it, the evidence they need to arrest Rodney for vandalizing Flora & Fauna.


Earl asking for Nick and Judy to retrieve a possession of his

Rodney admits that he sold his pawn shop to Sequoia Towers, and was promised even more money if he could convince Raoul to sell his shop too, his method of convincing being trying to scare Raoul into thinking there were vandals everywhere.

After the case is solved, Earl asks Judy and Nick to help him retrieve something important he left at the shop. This important thing is revealed to be a comment card with a bad review of the shop's service.

Groundhog Daze

It is revealed that after Rodney was arrested, the shop was bought by Phil, who relocated it to Sahara Square and made it his own shop.


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