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Savanna Central is the downtown area of the city in Zootopia.  


Being the central hub of the city, everyone from the other districts converge here. Savanna Central houses many residential areas and key communal buildings, including City Hall, the Zootopia Police Department, the Natural History Museum, and the Central Station trains.


Savannah Central is one of the major districts in Zootopia. It has many small districts and neighborhoods that connect to Downtown Zootopia as they are beside each other on the map in the briefing room at the ZPD.

Role in the Film

Judy arriving in Savanna Central

Savanna Central is where Judy Hopps first enters after she gets off the train and starts to pursue Duke Weaselton after her first day on parking duty, and when she interacts with Nick Wilde for the second time. This is also where Judy and Nick catch Flash speeding.

Savanna Central is also the location for the concert Gazelle holds at the end of the film.

Role in Zootopia: Crime Files


Savanna Central is one of the main locations visited in Slashy Tires and Burgled Berries, the third and eighth cases of the game.

Places of Interest


  • According to Zootopia: Crime Files, the Savanna Central and downtown area is shaped roughly like Africa.[1]


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