The Sheep cops are minor antagonists in Zootopia. They are a pair of large sheep wearing police uniforms who act as henchmen to Dawn Bellwether. It is unknown if they are legitimate police officers or merely thugs in disguise.

Role in the Film

The Sheep cops first appear in the film's climax, accompanying Bellwether in the Natural History Museum. Bellwether spots Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde racing towards the museum's entrance and calls out to them. Relieved to see Bellwether, Judy and Nick run back to her, presenting her with a case containing paintball-like pellets filled with a mind-altering serum created by Doug Ramses and the gun used to shoot predators with the pellets (turning them savage), evidence she and Nick were taking to show the ZPD.

The Sheep cops look on silently as Bellwether insists that Judy gives her the case, presenting herself as being proud of the bunny's success. Judy, however, becomes suspicious as to how Bellwether knew of their whereabouts and refuses; she and Nick attempt to leave with the evidence themselves only to find a large, sinister-looking ram blocking their path. Realizing Bellwether's treachery, Judy and Nick flee into the museum's dark storage room, and Bellwether orders the sheep to pursue them.

However, Judy injures herself while fleeing, forcing Nick to come to her aid, refusing to leave her behind, and the pair into hiding. Believing to have cornered them, Bellwether and the rams (wielding lit flashlights) slowly enter the dark room; Bellwether silently signals the Sheep cops to spread out and search the room all the while monologuing her prey-supremacist ideology to Judy in an attempt to goad the bunny into joining her cause.

Spotting a shadow of what looks to be Judy in a lit corner of the room, Bellwether signals one of the sheep to its location, to which the Sheep cop turns off his flashlight and quietly approaches the shadow to attempt a sneak attack. However, the sheep discovers the shadow belongs to a stuffed rabbit mannequin, briefly dumbfounding both him and Bellwether until they witness Judy and Nick fleeing toward the museum entrance again, resulting in another chase that culminates in Judy and Nick being rammed into a pit exhibit at the horns of the Sheep thug.

The Sheep cops are last seen approaching the pit exhibit alongside Bellwether and the Sheep thug as the former gloats over Judy and Nick's predicament. After this scene, however, the Sheep cops are not seen again.


  • The Sheep cops are seen twice near the beginning of the film. Once, when Judy Hopps enters the ZPD, and twice during Officer Clawhauser's intro. It is likely, due to these two appearances, that the Sheep Cops are actually corrupt ZPD officers that act as double-agents for Bellwether.


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