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The Sheep thug is a large, sinister ram and a minor antagonist in Zootopia. He is one of Bellwether's accomplices.

Physical Appearance

The Sheep thug is a large, muscular ram with thick, curly wool. He wears a blue biker-like outfit and a bandoleer, and has two spiraling horns that protrude from his head.

Role in the Film

The Sheep thug first appears at the climax of the film. Just as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are about to exit the Natural History Museum to show evidence to the ZPD that predators are being turned savage through a psychotropic drug concocted by Doug Ramses hoping to vindicate the predators, Bellwether and two sheep cops arrive.

The thug blocking the door

She politely asks for the evidence (a case containing a gun used to shoot predators with paintball-like pellets filled with Doug's drug), presenting herself as being proud of Judy's success, but the latter, suspicious as to how Bellwether knew of their whereabouts, refuses and tries to leave, only to find the large Sheep thug blocking their way, loudly cracking his neck while staring menacingly at them in an attack position. Realizing that Bellwether is the true mastermind behind the plot, Judy and Nick flee into another room and Bellwether orders the sheep to stop them.

The Sheep thug watching as Bellwether taunts Judy

After a brief chase and game of cat and mouse, the Sheep thug catches up to the pair and headbutts them into a pit-like exhibit, knocking the gun case out of their hands and allowing Bellwether to take it.

Bellwether and the Sheep thug are arrested by the ZPD

The Sheep thug watches coldly as Bellwether shoots Nick with the gun so he will go savage and kill Judy, but is dumbfounded when it is revealed that Nick disarmed the weapon and Judy recorded Bellwether's confession reuniting predators with prey. The ZPD then arrive and the still dumbfounded Sheep thug fearfully raises his hands in surrender as he is arrested along with Bellwether.


  • Wooly's costume and model were later recycled for use as the Sheep thug.[1]


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  1. See this image

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