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Taste the sun, have some fun, get in your wheel and run, Sunflower Soda!
―The soda's promotional jingle

Sunflower Soda is a sweet soft drink in Zootopia: Crime Files. It is featured in Case 1, A Jewel of a Nut. It is also seen briefly in Case 5, Necklace Nabbers.


The appearance of the actual soda is unknown, but the can itself is red with a yellow sunflower on it and shown with a bendy straw sticking out of it.

Role in the Game

A Jewel of a Nut

While searching for the suspect who stole the Jeweled acorn, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde find the acorn covered in saliva. Hurriet from the lab analyzes it and Officer Clawhauser tells them that the saliva has traces of Sunflower Soda on it.

When Judy and Nick deduce that the suspect who stole the missing acorn has cheek pouches and loves Sunflower Soda, they decide to locate and question Rodney, as Nick mentions he saw a "twitchy-looking" squirrel with puffed-out cheeks. Rodney informs them that he is a tree squirrel, and only ground squirrels have cheek pouches.

He goes on to say how his puffed-out cheeks are a result of a visit to the dentist, as too much Sunflower Soda has been rotting his teeth.

Necklace Nabbers

Sunflower Soda has a very minor role in this case. It is one of the items that can be found in The Big Donut crime scene.


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