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With this collar, Zootopia welcomes me.
With this collar, Zootopia celebrates me.
With this collar, Zootopia accepts me.
―The phrase recited by a tame collar recipient at their party

A Taming Party is a ceremony where a predator is presented with their tame collar.

Tame collars were removed entirely from the final version of the film, thus removing the concept of taming parties along with it.


Morris' taming party (deleted scene).

A predator has a taming party held for them when they are five years old. The child might see the ceremony as a coming of age or rite of passage, the parents, however, would know the darkness and oppression the collar actually represents.

Taming parties, as depicted only in cut material for the film, have many green decorations, including green balloons and even a green cake. This is supposedly meant to represent the green light the tame collar flashes when its wearer is content.

John Lasseter said that the taming party scene was possibly one of the darkest scenes that made it into the movie, and one that would touch people the most.

Role in the Film

In a deleted scene, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde sneak through a building where Morris' taming party is taking place. They watch as Koslov presents Morris with his tame collar and makes him repeat a speech. He hesitates to put it on Morris at first, but finally snaps the collar on his neck. Morris enjoys himself until his tame collar shocks him. Morris looks at Koslov shocked, and his father embraces him. Judy and Nick then sneak out of the room.


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