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Have a donut, copper!
Duke Weaselton to Judy Hopps

The Big Donut, also called The Donut Shop, is a donut shop seen in Zootopia. It is located in Little Rodentia.


The Big Donut is a round, flat, brown building made to look like it is covered in pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Mounted on its roof is a large, donut-shaped sign that reads "The Big Donut". The restaurant is not a sit-down, but it has a to-go window and a few outdoor tables that surround the building.

Role in the Film

Duke about to kick the sign

At the climax of the chase between Judy Hopps and Duke Weaselton in Little Rodentia, Weaselton trips over the shop, and, hoping to distract Judy, kicks the donut-shaped sign off of its roof towards her. However, Judy manages to duck and avoid it.

As the sign rolls down the street, Judy manages to catch it before it hits Fru Fru, and uses it to restrain Weaselton.

Role in Zootopia: Crime Files

Necklace Nabbers

IMG 3232.PNG

In "Necklace Nabbers", the fifth case of the game, The Big Donut is one of the locations where Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde search for clues of the stolen necklaces from the Tiger's Eye Jewelry Store.

Known Menu Items



  • Although The Big Donut is located in Little Rodentia and caters to rodents, it is hinted that it has locations that cater to larger mammals as well, as Clawhauser is seen with a box of donuts from The Big Donut on his desk.


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