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"The Noise from Next Door" is a comic based on Zootopia. It is featured in the Zootopia Comics Collection.



The comic starts with Judy Hopps watching a scary movie in her apartment. She hears a crash from the apartment next to hers and asks if everything is alright. One of her neighbors yells back to mind her own business. After hearing another crash, Judy calls Nick Wilde and requests that he join her, but Nick declines, saying that there has to be a reasonable explanation for the noises. He starts to say something else, but another crash causes Judy to drop her phone in fright, much to Nick's horror.

Judy marches over to Bucky and Pronk's apartment and knocks on the door. Bucky opens it and denies that he heard any of the noises that Judy describes to him. He then slams the door in her face. Just then, Nick arrives with Officer McHorn, much to Judy's dismay. Officer McHorn rams through the door of the apartment as the animals inside scream, and McHorn, Judy, and Nick see what appears to be a slumber party, but Bucky and Pronk protest that it is a pillow fight club.

McHorn scolds Judy for being worried over something as silly as this, and he and Nick take their leave. A discouraged Judy hears Bucky and Pronk saying that Judy is not capable of protecting anyone. Playfully, Judy grabs a pillow and pounces on the mammals, saying that everything is not always as it seems.


  • The "pillow fight club" (and Pronk mentioning it's first rule is not to talk about it) is a reference to Fight Club.
  • Judy refers to Bucky and Pronk as the "Pootossers". This was Bucky's last name in the original screenplay.[1]



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