• Hey, Emily! It's been a while. :)

    I have a deletion request to make of you. I'm currently in the process of clearing out some of the art I've posted on various wikis, just for privacy reasons. If you wouldn't mind, could you please delete all the files I've uploaded in my art gallery (and delete the art gallery too, once you're done?)? Thank you so much! :)

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    • Peony!! How have you been?

      Absolutely, I'll do that right now!

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    • I've been doing pretty good! Getting tired of quarantine, though. xD How about you? 


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    • I'm good too! I'm almost finished with my big final project for a color college course I'm taking (I get to design a hypothetical mural)!

      Oh, and just so you know, we're not discussing anything coronavirus-related here; I don't want to risk any of the fear and controversy surrounding it spilling over into the wiki.

      And your deletion requests are finished!

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    • Glad to hear it; that sounds really cool! 

      Ah, gotcha. That's understandable. 

      Thanks again, I appreciate it! :) 

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    • It is! This course was a lot of fun! I'm planning to upload it to my DeviantArt when the course ends at the start of May~ ;D


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