• So I've been systematically checking infoboxes on Books pages and hit a... Let's call it a snag.

    So on the page A Big Golden Book: Zootopia, the infobox displays the price (on Amazon) as being $9.97 so, naturally, I checked on Amzon as I've done previously.

    You see, while the book is still available from Amazon, it's only through 3rd party sellers. The price varies considerably whether it's new or used. My goal here is to have accurate pricing information on these sorts of pages however this case has me a little stumped as I don't want to make a non-conforming edit.

    Thanks much in advance, get back to me when you can, no rush 😊

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    • Oh! Nice catch! Apologies for the late reply; your initial time of writing was around my 4AM, and I went to bed before that (not trying to justify myself, though).

      I do suppose if it's not available from an official vendor, there is indeed no official price at the moment, so feel free to go ahead and edit accordingly. Thank you!

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    • Righto. Thanks for the advice!

      And that's the fun that comes with timezones. They do make sense and help us all from losing it when travelling to different countries but when it comes to correspondence - it's messy. Like real life, real life is messy. Like my room. At times.

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    • True, but I still can't help but feel remorseful; you deserve speedy replies just like everyone else.

      I'm sorry I can't give you that with our crazy time difference, but I'm also grateful for how understanding you are!

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