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The Tranquilizer gun, also known as the air-powered elephant tranquilizer, is a unique weapon used by Judy Hopps in the teaser trailer and a deleted scene for Zootopia.


This weapon is very similar to a real-life air powered tranquilizer gun. It is white with orange zebra stripe patterns on either side, and has an open chamber located on top that can load and fire one dart at a time.


Teaser Trailer

Nick unconscious after being shot with the tranquilizer gun by Judy

When Nick Wilde hides from Judy, Judy is able to detect him with her sharp hearing and fires an elephant tranquilizer dart at him. Nick then falls to the ground unconscious, with the dart in his rear end.

A wildebeest about to eat the dart's tuft-like stabilizer

As she writes Nick a ticket, a wildebeest comes by and, mistaking the dart's green stabilizer for a tuft of grass, eats it, and then collapses under its effects.

Deleted Scenes

While chasing Nick through Little Rodentia, Judy aims and fires the gun at him and the dart misses.



Deleted Scenes

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