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Me Inspecting Stu... Wait... Wrong photo!

Hi! I am AlexAndPedro! You may have seen me in the Fran Bow Wiki, Zip Zip Wiki, Sandra and Woo Wiki and the not that popular Commander Clark Wiki.

I am here, in front of the computer or mobile to... edit and edit and edit until I sleep and wake up and edit and edit and edit and... Cookies! Yum! Oh, and milk? Thanks! Delicious... and edit and edit and edit...

Seriously, I will literally have a piece of paper and a pencil to write a good episode quote, the characters involved, especially when the episodes for these are not online.

My favorite pages

  • Nick Wilde (Who doesn't like Nick Wilde?) if it is you... sorry. Peace!
  • Judy Hopps (I just love her personality!)
  • Zootopia (I mean, who doesn't love the main page? If it is you again... sorry again... :( )
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