aka Gerard Gianoli

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  • I live in Covington, La
  • I was born on June 29
  • I am Male

Hi everyone! I'm a huge fan of Zootopia! I love this film! My favorite character is Judy Hopps and I love her! I hope I get to know everyone who edit this wiki and I hope to help make the world a better place!

Favorite Pages

Judy Hopps Zootopia
This user's favorite character is Judy Hopps.
Gideon12 This user knows how to pronounce DNA
Zootopia-6 This user follows their dreams like Judy Hopps
Flash beginning to laugh at Nick's joke This user likes a good joke!
TigersDancing This user likes to sing Try Everything
Clawhauser calling Judy cute This user can't believe the ZPD hired a bunny!
New mayor Bellwether This user is the mayor of Zootopia
TundratownZootopia This user enjoys to be freezing cold in Tundratown
LR Streets Infobox This user enjoys small towns like Little Rodentia
Manchas Poison Taking Over This user sometimes goes savage
Pawpsicle Template This user makes pawpsicles with Nick Wilde and Finnick
Yax Template This user is a Naturalist
Downtown This user enjoys the diverse melting pot of Savanna Central
Nick Wilde Zootopia
This user's favorite character is Nick Wilde.
Zootopia Rainforest District This user enjoys to be hot and humid in the Rainforest District
JudyHopps Drawing
Ggianoli loves to draw!
ZootopiaSkyView This user enjoys to be in the city of Zootopia
NewCrimeFilesBox This user likes to play Zootopia: Crime Files
Disney Emoji Blitz Update Version 33.1.0 This user likes to play Disney Emoji Blitz
HyperJudy This user has been a Featured User on Zootopia Wiki!
Wiki-wordmark This user is a content moderator on the Zootopia Wiki.
NickJudyInBellwetherOffice This user is always keeping an eye on the Zootopia Wiki!
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