Hey guys!

I decided to make these location userboxes so that if you like them, you can place them on your profile and tell me if you like them! :D

ZootopiaSkyView.png This user enjoys to be in the city of Zootopia
- ZootopiaUserbox
Zootopia Rainforest District.jpg This user enjoys to be hot and humid in the Rainforest District
- RainforestDistrictUserbox
TundratownZootopia.png This user enjoys to be freezing cold in Tundratown
- TundratownUserbox
Sahara Square Street.PNG This user enjoys to be hot and dry in Sahara Square
- SaharaSquareUserbox
Downtown.PNG This user enjoys the diverse melting pot of Savanna Central
- SavannaCentralUserbox
LR Streets Infobox.png This user enjoys small towns like Little Rodentia
- LittleRodentiaUserbox

If you have any suggestions for templates, let me know.

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