Hello, my fellow Zootopians! Prepare to get Z.A.P.ped! It's time for this week's edition of the Zootopia Appreciation Post, or Z.A.P. for short. Every Saturday, I'm gonna be posting a different Zootopia-related topic that we can all discuss.

For today's topic, I would like to talk about Mrs. Otterton.

Mrs Otterton Smile

Apologies for not doing this on Saturday.

Mrs. Otterton is first seen with Clawhauser when Judy brings Duke Weaselton to the ZPD. She heads to Chief Bogo's office and pleads with him to have someone find her husband, Emmitt Otterton, one of the missing mammals, who has been missing for ten days. Judy volunteers to find him, which prompts Mrs. Otterton to hug her and thank her profusely. When Mrs. Otterton waits outside, Chief Bogo attempts to fire Judy, but before he can do that officially, he sees Mrs. Otterton with Assistant Mayor Bellwether outside his office. Bellwether tells how Judy is helping find Mrs. Otterton's husband. When they both leave, Chief Bogo reluctantly gives Judy 48 hours to find Emmitt, or she'll resign.

When Emmitt is found and brought into the hospital in a savage state, Mrs. Otterton is heartbroken as she looks upon him through a glass window, sadly stating that this isn't the Emmitt she knows.

Later, the reason for her husband's savagery is revealed to be Bellwether's conspiracy of the Night Howlers. Bellwether is arrested and an antidote is found. Upon being cured of his savagery, Emmitt wakes up in a hospital room where Mrs. Otterton is waiting for him. She hugs him deeply, happy to have her husband back and thanks Judy. During the credits, the otter couple is later seen dancing happily at Gazelle's concert.

I personally feel that Mrs. Otterton is an underrated character. She cares deeply about her husband and family. I feel that she has raw emotions. Kudos to Octavia Spencer for bringing that to the character. Plus, if it wasn't for Judy volunteering to find her husband, the case might not have gotten solved and Judy would have been fired.

I wonder if we'll see more of the Otterton Family in a potential sequel. Maybe we'll even find out what her first name is, since it wasn't revealed in the movie.

So, what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!

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