Hello, my fellow Zootopians! Prepare to get Z.A.P.ped! It's time for this week's edition of the Zootopia Appreciation Post, or Z.A.P. for short. Every Saturday, I'm gonna be posting a different Zootopia-related topic that we can all discuss.

For today's topic, I would like to talk about Dr. Madge Honey Badger.

Dr. Honey Badger infobox

Apologies for not doing this on Saturday.

As you know, Dr. Madge was assigned by Mayor Lionheart to research the condition of the 15 missing mammals, including Renato Manchas, in an abandoned hospital called Cliffside Asylum. However, she is unable to find the cause of their savagery.

When confronted by a furious Lionheart during Officer Hopps' intrusion, Dr. Madge is overheard stating to the mayor that it might be time to "consider their biology", as the only animals going savage are predators. She also states that the public needs to be made aware of this, only to be protested by Lionheart, who reminds her that he himself is a predator.

They hear Judy's phone go off shortly after, to which Dr. Madge calls upon security to sweep the area.

Dr. Madge and Lionheart are arrested when Judy notifies the police of the missing mammals, and Judy later pressed to answer questions about the missing predators having turned savage, ultimately repeats what Dr. Madge told Lionheart, verbatim.

Now, I feel that Dr. Madge is an underated minor character. We only see her for, like, two minutes, the whole film. And it seems like she's not very good at her job. The mammals were evaluated for two weeks and her and her team couldn't figure out a diagnosis.

Here are some questions I have. First, how did Lionheart convince her to work for him in private? Did she think about the risks involved and what would happen to her medical license and career if she got arrested?

Second, what kind of tests did she run on the predators? Blood test? Urine sample? We already know they did brain scans. And if they did the former, then they should have found some kind of cause.

Third, did Dr. Madge have anything to do with the medical team that discovered the cure for Night Howler sickness? I highly doubt that since she was probably still detained at the time.

And finally, why did Judy repeat what Dr. Madge had said at the press conference? The whole "biology" thing was just a theory, not a fact. Maybe she thought, "Well, if a certified doctor says that predators are going savage, because of their biology, then it must be true."

So, what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!

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