I'll start off by saying to you all:

Obligatory greetings and relevant sympathies for those coping with the after effects associated with the celebratory activities typically found in observance of the last night of the year.

In other words, happy new year! Or should I say, Happy Zoo Year!

Woo! It's 2019. I can hardly believe it's here already. Hopefully, it's another step closer to that sequel we are all desperate for. For years I've seen New Years as just another day - not anymore. I was never big on on New Years resolutions, I thought they were just plain tacky. This year is different.

I want to:

- Get my full car license

- Get a new PC

- Stick to my diet

- Finish my first book

- (one super secret thing)

- Lastly, I'll be gunning for that lovely, shiny, fantastic 365 day badge.

Anyway, that's quite enough about me. All of you are so wonderful to me, putting up with all the [ahem] that's comes with me being a miserable old [cough]. I look forward to working with you all for another cool year.

Wishing all of Zootopia a hustle-free new year of trying everything and making the world a better place.

Sincerely, Your slightly unstable compatriot, Lord Tellurium.

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