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"Welcome to Zootopia" is a comic based on Zootopia. It is featured in the Zootopia Comics Collection.



A squirrel tells her daughter one day she'll help the city and follow her dreams, but now she says it's time for her nap. She closes the windows, tells her there'll be plenty of time to explore the world when she's older and leaves the room.

After her mother leaves, the baby squirrel climbs out of the crib and begins unlocking the window.

Meanwhile, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are stuck in traffic. Nick gets out of the car to see why everyone has stopped and spots the squirrel baby in the middle of the street. Judy scoops the baby up, but before she and Nick can decide what to do, the baby leaps out of Judy's arms and dashes away.

Judy and Nick borrow a pizza delivery boy's motorbike and they speed after the baby squirrel. They see her on top of a beaver construction worker's head and they accidentally splash through the construction workers' fresh cement. Judy reaches for the baby, but she jumps onto a moving car.

Unable to brake because of the cement, Judy and Nick crash through a department store, zoom up a log ramp, and land in a pool. Getting out of the pool, Judy spots the squirrel sitting on a garbage truck. She and Nick get into a golf cart and Nick plans to cut the truck off. But once they stop the truck, the squirrel isn't there.

They see her prancing through Little Rodentia, but Nick grabs her before she can sneak away, though not before receiving some scratches to the face. They then give her a pawpsicle and return her to her mother. As they leave, Nick thinks they've forgotten something. Meanwhile, the delivery boy, not having his motorbike back, eats all the pizzas.


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