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Lion Teethfest here, and we're a few hot seconds away from midnight when the giant pineapple will shine to signal a brand new year! And at that very moment, Gazelle will perform her new jam, live on stage!
Lion Teethfest

Zoo Year's Eve is an event in the comic, Zoo Year's Eve. It is a celebration of the new year.

Role in the Comic

Lion Teethfest is hosting a televised Zoo Year's Eve celebration, when seconds away from the new year, he gets word that the power in the giant pineapple that is about to drop has lost power.

Shortly after, a team of beaver construction workers that are inside the pineapple climb onto each others' shoulders, making a tower. The top beaver is just about to reach the power source when the beaver on the bottom of the tower notices a plug on the floor.

Leaving his colleagues hanging in midair, the beaver hurries over and plugs it in. Immediately the pineapple lights up. The celebration now officially begins, featuring a live concert by Gazelle.


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  • The event's title is based on New Year's Eve, which is held to celebrate the new year.

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